What Modern Survival Kit Contains

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If you’re an adventure seeker and you’re just waiting for an opportunity to head out into the wild, we can be friends. The passion of being in nature and meeting the challenges it throws at you is an amazing opportunity to feel alive and one with your surroundings. Now, this sounds easy, romantic even, which it can be, but there are situations when things get rough and you need to be prepared for them.

You want to do things right before you head out into the unknown, which is why having a good survival kit is essential and as such, should be with you at all times. Bear in mind that not every trip, hike, camping or climb requires same equipment, which is why it’s vital to change the content of your survival kit as needed. In this article, we focus on the basics of what every modern survival kit should contain and why it’s paramount to carry it with you wherever you go.

You Need Your Water

Here’s a thing you might not have been aware of – your body needs water much more than it needs food, seeing that over 60% of the adult human body is made of water. This means that you will need your high-quality water container with you no matter what, and I’m talking about strong, stainless steel ones with a lid. There are water containers that will also purify the water you get from rivers and streams along the way and we recommend using those because unfiltered water can bring plenty of bad bacteria into your system, which can cause numerous health problems. The thing that really changed the way I look at drinking water when out in the wild are filtering straws that do wonders for purifying the water you find and they take no space in your backpack. Optimally, you will carry both your water container and filtering straws with you all the time, just in case.

Don’t Go Anywhere Without a Multipurpose Knife

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Ok, first of all, learn how to use a utility multipurpose knife properly in every situation. Second, get a blade of great quality that won’t get destroyed easily. Yes, it costs more, but when you get to the situation where having strong tools is vital, you will be grateful you made the right choice. Depending on what you’re planning to do in your adventures, choose a utility knife that will cater to your needs and has all additional tools you might need – scissors, a gut hook, a small saw, even a compass can be built in into the handle, options are limitless. An additional tip is to make sure that your knife will float if dropped in the water, as you don’t want to lose your blade in a fast-running stream.

Different Food Forms

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Of course you will bring your common food supplies with you, especially if you’re heading out for a longer time, but it will take a lot of room in your backpack. But you have to eat, so choose wisely what you’re going to take with you – nuts and trail mix are always a good idea, as well are dried fruits and vegetables, energy and granola bars, whole grain tortillas and canned goods and don’t forget salt. The amount of supplies you bring depends on how long you’re planning to stay off the beaten path, and sometimes it’s not a bad idea to get emergency food kits that pack durable food to provide you with the energy you need and can actually be quite acceptable when it comes to taste. Naturally, you can always go hunting for berries, fish or smaller wild animals, but having food with you is always a safer way to go.

Fire Starters and Light

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You won’t survive for long without warmth in the wild, which is why you need means to start a fire under any circumstances. At this point, regular matches are a thing of the past, and you want to focus on fire starters that will work every time – things like magnesium fire starters are a great option, as long as you learn how to use them properly. There are also matches that you can light when you strike them on basically any surface, which is good because you’re not dependent on whether or not will the matchbox get wet. You can never go wrong with carrying a lighter, as you never know how it can be handy. Also, a light source is a must, so don’t forget your strong flashlight with some extra batteries for it. Using a LED lamp is even better because it doesn’t need as much power to work, so it will last longer.

A House on Your Back

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The very first things you need to take care of when you’re on your own in nature are water and shelter, everything else comes later. We’ve covered water first, now we need to talk about the ways to stay protected from the elements. Tents are always a good way to go, especially because they’re not as bulky and inconvenient to carry around as they were and you can now bring with you super portable tents that are the size of your water container, not to mention pop-up tents that are another great option. You will also need a travel blanket, and thankfully, there are now ones which you can carry around in one of your backpack pockets, and of course a compact sleeping bag to keep you warm. One other important factor to cover is a sustainable power source and protected devices that you carry around with you, and by this, we mean your phone most of all. Get shockproof waterproof cases for your devices and as for your power source, we recommend going for solar charged power packs, so that you’ve got a way to charge your phone even when there are no power sockets miles around you. Finally, a site like https://bestsurvival.org/ can help you with all of these tips for surviving in the wild. Don't do it alone out there!

Putting together a good survival kit requires some experience and knowledge of what is waiting for you out there and you will hone your skills as you go. Keep in mind what are the essentials without which you can’t leave your house and build up from there. Good adventuring! – Howard Scaila

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    • Perfect post; and thank you for the survival tips and tools for when we are out in the great outdoors, Howard! Looking forward to more tips and tricks posted from you! 🙂

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