31 Ways to Winterize Your Home Infographic

31 Ways to Winterize Your Home

When you think of winter, the things that come to mind are probably Football Sunday, weekend skiing and snowboarding trips, the holidays and possibly some four-season camping. But it’s important that you don’t let one other important thing slip your mind during this time of year: winterizing your home.

Fortunately, the pros at Ashford Realty Group are no strangers to taking care of a home in cold weather, and they’ve shared with us their top 31 tips and home hacks that will help you get your house ready as the temperatures drop.

Read on for their worthy advice that will help you prevent damages, leaks and costly electric bills come spring.

31 Ways to Winterize Your Home


  1. What a great go-to list – I didn’t know you could change the direction of your fans! I’m going to use this as a checklist and go through my house, which is a rental but still a condo, so many of these things apply to me.

    • Thanks for the contribution and the inforgraphic for winterizing the home, Averi. I appreciate your feedback and your support! 🙂

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